Why nosey neighbors are a good thing

Nosey neighbors – we all have at least one don’t we? It seems that every time we go outside, they go outside. They are always there pretending to be doing something in their yard or just coming back from a walk. Don’t they have anything better to do?

But here’s another way of looking at it…

Nosey neighbors help keep your house from getting broken into. Imagine how many thieves your nosey neighbor has talked to over the years that may have been casing out your home to break into. Oh yes, the thieves are going to think twice because your nosey neighbor is going to be right there asking, “Is there something I can help you with? Are you looking for someone? What are you doing?”

Nosey neighbors can also help keep your kids safe. If you’re not outside or look away for a brief moment–no worries they are right there to tell your kids to not cross the street or to answer any questions for the lost stranger walking down the street. And if something does happen (God forbid) your nosey neighbor is going to be right there to give a full and accurate description to the police.

Not only do nosey neighbors help protect your home and family but they know everybody’s business. While that might seem like a bad thing at first, look at it as a resource. If you ever need anything don’t ask Jeeves, ask your nosey neighbor, more than likely they know.

So the next time you see your nosey neighbor, don’t look at them like they’re the enemy. Nope, their not your enemy, that’s your friend.


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