Your Objective Should Determine Your Strategy

“Of course, objectives are not the railroad timetable. They could be compared to the compass bearing by which a ship navigates. The compass bearing itself is firm, pointing in a straight line towards the desired port. But in actual navigation the ship will veer off its course for many miles to avoid a storm. She will slow down to a walk in a fog and heave altogether in a hurricane. She may even change destination in mid-ocean and set a new compass bearing toward a new port. Perhaps because war is broken out, perhaps only because her cargo has been sold in mid passage. Still, four fifths of all voyages end in the intended port at the originally scheduled time. Without a compass bearing, the ship would neither be able to find the port nor be able to estimate the time it will take to get there.” ~Peter F. Drucker

All investors invest for some reason, with some objective in mind. Although objectives may change, they always exist.

As an investor it is important to stay focused, especially during times of market volatility. For best results your objective should determine your strategy.

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