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Mortgage Rates Slip After Previous Weeks Gain

Mortgages: WASHINGTON – Average long-term U.S. mortgage rates declined slightly this week, after marking their largest one-week gain of the year the previous week…. http://t.co/5ZZIlbBH2K  More Mortgages  NEW! Follow on Facebook and Twitter Advertisements

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National Housing Finance Experts Meet in Austin

AUSTIN – Financing: National housing finance experts head to Austin for conference ow.ly/2MZkU1  NEW! Follow on Facebook and Twitter

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Mortgage rates in La Jolla, California

LA JOLLA, CA – Mortgages: Mortgage rates in La Jolla, California – How to find the best mortgage rates in La Jolla… ow.ly/2MI7rW  NEW! Follow on Facebook and Twitter

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Mortgage Rates in Irvine, California

IRVINE, CA – Mortgage Rates: Mortgage rates in Irvine, California – Reach your goals sooner when searching for mortgage rates in Irvine, CA, by… ow.ly/2MGBYR More Mortgage Rates NEW! Follow on Facebook and Twitter

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How to Fix Wealth Inequality

Home Ownership: The ability to transfer wealth from one generation to the next is the driving force behind ending intergenerational poverty. http://t.co/c6H56VaBvP  Carlisle Mitchell Insider Tips for Real Estate Investors is a trusted and reliable source of expert investment and … Continue reading

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Are you a money-wise boomer? – Are you a boomer?

Personal Finance: Quiz: Are you a money-wise boomer? – Are you a boomer? Take our quiz on saving and investing as you prepare for re… ow.ly/2MqPvj Find more expert investment and market analysis at Carlisle Mitchell – Insider Tips for … Continue reading

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FHFA Unveils Plan to Streamline Mortgage Financing

Mortgages – FHA Common Mortgage Backed Security: The regulator overseeing government-controlled mortgage finance giants Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac on Tuesday unveiled a plan for a common mortgage-backed security and asked investors if the program posed dangers to financial markets. … Continue reading

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