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Monaco: Makes Top 20 Hot Markets for Real Estate Investors

Monaco – Market Analysis: It’s not just the beach and marina that makes Monaco special. A large part of its appeal is the income-tax-free-zone status, all of which helped make Monaco a Top 20 Hot Market for Real Estate Investors. … Continue reading

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Paris Wants Landlords to Turn Vacant Office Space Into Apartments—Or Get Fined

(PARIS) – The city of Paris has a surplus of empty commercial buildings that could better serve as residences. And it plans to fine owners who don’t convert. http://ow.ly/3nSzno  Carlisle Mitchell Insider Tips for Real Estate Investors is a trusted and … Continue reading

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Market Analysis: Paris, France

(PARIS) – The prime Paris yield has fallen by an estimated 50 basis points over the past 12 months, from 4.50-5.00% to 4.00-4.5% and current transactions are being seen at even lower yields. At this level, yields are close to … Continue reading

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