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Buying and Selling Homes Could Soon Be as Easy as Trading Stocks

Technology: HomeUnion wants to level the playing field for smaller investors, helping them compete with institutional giants to identify bargain-priced single-family rental properties in markets around the country, and then buy and manage them remotely. ow.ly/2MqPOs More Technology NEW! Follow … Continue reading

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12 Startups Changing How We Interact with Real Estate

Technology – Home Automation: 12 startups that are changing the way we interact with real estate ow.ly/2MmunZ More Technology NEW! Follow on Facebook and Twitter

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Zillow buys Trulia for $3.5 billion

Zillow buys Trulia for $3.5 billion – The two leading real estate websites combine. http://t.co/Ebv33sBP2M Filed under: Carlisle Mitchell, Carlisle Mitchell Insider Tips for Investors, Real Estate Investors, Investment Properties

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Are smart homes a wise investment?

Control access to the building, the door lock, surveillance system, temperature and lighting from your phone. Are smart homes a wise investment? – Samsung’s big deal with a leading condo developer for t… ow.ly/2KbumG

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